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Full stack JavaScript development

TypeScript, React, Node.js, GraphQL, Cypress, Jest - in a nutshell.

With what project do you need our help?



We set things up, draft the architecture, and gather requirements.

We keep the documentation alive to help with onboarding new devs.

We move fast, but keep the code quality high to ease transition from PoC to MVP.


We get to know your system, guidelines and process and respect them.

We suggest improvements to keep your system healthy.

We help you write those missing tests, which you always wanted to have.


We discover the features of the existing system and turn them into requirements.

We plan and execute evolutionary migration, to increase confidence in the switchover.

We advise on limitations of the stack early on, to keep the project afoot.

We understand your constrains


We know that you may need your project done yesterday and it is not easy.

We can help you navigate development priorities and deliver, upholding quality.


We know that you want good quality even when the direction keeps changing.

We have been there, we have done that, we can help you.


Our rates are nowhere near those charged by digital agencies.

However, if you want a cheap contractor, please call someone else.

Why pragmatic?

We believe in solving problems based on judgment rather than on ideology. That is why pragmatism is our core principle. It lets us focus on what matters most to our clients and adapt to changing circumstances.

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