UGrid Licence

feel FREE to use UGrid

You may use any UGrid HTML, CSS and JavaScript code available as download bundles on under the terms of either the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) Version 3 or the MIT Licence. You are free to use UGrid in any projects as long as the copyright header is left intact.

The download bundles

How to choose the right licence?

It depends which one suits your project better. A few words on each along with Wikipedia links you will find below. You don't need to do inform anyone which licence you have chosen. Just bear in mind that using UGrid you agree to keep the copyright header intact.


The GPL is widely popular mainly because it acts as a legal foundation for the Open Source software. For further reference please have a look at GPL text. You can find more information on Wikipedia's GPL entry.
Copy of the licence is also included in the UGrid download bundle.

The MIT Licence

The MIT Licence is very simple, easy to understand and places virtually no restrictions on UGrid user. The full copy (also included in the download bundle) you can find on the UGrid MIT Licence page. If you want to find out more go to MIT Licence entry on Wikipedia.

The online tools

Free to use only

At the moment the online tools (e.g. UGrid Creator) are available for free to use but not to redistribute or republish.

The situation may change in the future so watch this space. You will be notified of the licensing change if you follow webnicer on facebook.