This is Simple Grid System example template.
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Simplicity and Efficiency

Simple Grid System helps you create complex layouts in no time compared to classic approach.

Simple Grid System is the best Web Grid out there!
valid xhtml


Simple Grid System is a valid XHTML Strict and produces same results in all (at least main) web browser.

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2kB in size

Only 2kB

The whole CSS framework is around 2kB – and that is version extended to deal with 24 column layouts.

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quick to learn

Quick to learn

Simple Grid System consists of merely two building blocks: row and column with infinite nesting capability.

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Grid Templates

Have a look at Grid layout examples

Grid Templates

Simple Grid System helps you create virtually any layout in mere minutes. Easy.

Examine ready Grid templates

Grid Generator

Create Grid that fits your needs.

Grid Generator

With the Grid Generator you can test different widths and download Grid which is right for you.

Play around with Grid Generator

Grid Tutorial

Find out how to create Grid templates

Grid Tutorial

Tutorial will help you get graps on Simple Grid System basics. And there is nothing more to it, really.

Build your first Grid template